If you’re wondering what a chiropractic doctor does, you first need to understand the nervous system. Most people know that the brain controls their body function, but they don't realize that the brain sends signals to the organs via the nerves. Nerves in your body run through your spinal column and out tiny holes in the spinal vertebrae to their final destinations. Small nerves exiting the spine get irritated from spinal misalignments that cause swelling, disturbing the nerves function. Chiropractic doctors help to adjust the spine which can remove pressure from problem areas.

In general, chiropractors help your nervous system to flow freely. The benefits of this work can be hard to imagine. Patients report quicker healing time, fewer flu's and colds, improved digestion, and even improved lung function. Chiropractic care is essential for anyone that wants to be their best.

Our Chiropractic doctors have over 25 years of clinical experience treating adults and children of all ages. We specialize in back and neck pain, traumas and accidents, headaches, hand and leg pain, posture improvement and spinal strengthening therapy and rehabilitation. Insurance is accepted and most cover chiropractic care. (Call our office for verification). Consultations are available at request. We are always happy to work in walk ins. Appointments are available Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.